Dragon Pool


Dragon Pool - Future of Play-to-Earn 🚀🚀🚀

🐉 Dragon Pool

Dragon Pool is a game that combines the NFT IO-game platform (mobile game) and blockchain technology Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
Each character in the game is an NFT protocol - this is considered a new breakthrough development of the Play-to-earn model. That means that achievements in the game will be recorded on the Blockchain 📝and essentially determine the NFT denomination.

💪 Success depends on ability

🤜 Dragon Pool is the first game in the NFT space that evaluates players by skill through practice, combining ingenuity and player thinking to achieve worthy achievements.
Each player owns a collection of one or more dragons using the NFT protocol. Players will use their Dragons to engage in battles with thousands of other opponents, with the goal of collecting and fighting.
With all your talents and excellence, let's "raise" your Dragon to new heights and destroy those who stand in the way. The reward after each match is Dragon Pool – NFT token and the growth value of Dragon. ️🥇️🥇️🥇

📒 The Story of Dragon Pool

Dragon Pool – Where sacred dragons converge.
🐉 Since ancient times, Earth has been ruled by five dragon tribes: Hydra, Wyrm, Drake, Oriental and Knuck.
The tribes lived together peacefully for thousands of years before being ravaged by an evil force, causing a split in trust between the five kingdoms. Dragon Valley - where the secret of the Sacred Dragon is hidden. Legend has it that a warrior who possesses the spirit of the 5 tribes will turn into a Dragon God, unite the 5 tribes to rule and become invincible. 🔥🔥🔥
This legendary land is the convergence of the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. Is where the tribes will send out the most elite warriors to join the battle, in turn destroying and sucking the life of other dragons to survive and become a legend and unified rule.
Too cool, isn't it? 😉
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