Dragon Pool


🔎🔎🔎 Dragon Pool is designed for players to control their Dragons. Everyone will join a common arena, where the person who collects the most DP-NFT Tokens will be displayed on the gold leaderboard. And there, you can meet players from all over the world.
The rules of Dragon Pool are very simple, but everyone needs to know the rules to dominate the game. Everyone participating in Dragon Pool is equal based on the following principle:
🐲 Dragons will eat token particles to grow and increase in length.
The player controls the Dragon by moving the mouse or finger across the screen.
If the Dragon crashes into the body of another Dragon, it will be dissolved into token particles 🐲➡️✨, which the other person can eat for points.
🖥 For PC, hold left or right mouse button to accelerate. On Mobile, double click on the screen.
At first, you should try to eat a lot of Token seeds. When the Dragon is big enough, it can form a circle to confine the opponent and then "eat".
All Play-to-Earn activities in the game revolve around the purpose of collecting DP-NFT tokens.
Last modified 1yr ago