Dragon Pool


The first thing to do before participating in the Dragon arena? Owning a Dragon, of course.
⛓ Connect your Crypto wallet to Dragon Pool.
Supported wallets: Metamask/Trust/Safepal/Wallet Connect.
Each player will have to purchase at least one
Dragon Egg at the Marketplace for 100,000 DP-NFT Tokens. Each egg after purchase will randomly hatch into 1 dragon head, and of course Level 1.
Note: the number of eggs is limited to only 20,000 for phase 1.
Each type of Dragon will have a different rarity, the greater the rarity, the higher the value 💰💰💰. You can farm to increase your level or sell directly on the market for immediate profit.
There are legendary Dragons on the list with extremely rare levels, try your luck to own when hatching eggs. 🍀
Very attractive, isn't it? ♥️
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