Dragon Pool


A place to buy, sell and exchange your products.
💱💱💱 There are many ways to own powerful, rare and valuable Dragons. You can hatch eggs, you can raise dragons by forging through matches, or you can also buy them right on the exchange.
Built and developed on the NFT space, possessing full features like other Tokens exchanges. Dragon Pool allows you to trade all the items on the marketplace with other players. In it, you can use your tokens to make transactions like buying other players' dragons. 🐲🐉
In addition, you can also train and sell your own dragon for others to buy back at a reasonable price.
👆👆👆 This is Dragon Pool's outstanding Play-to-earn mechanic, the more time and effort you put into training and fighting, the more chances you have to earn.
👌👌 Very simple, right? 👌👌