Dragon Pool


Frequently Asked Question

What is Dragon Pool Game?

Dragon Pool is a game of skill that is judged by your skill and tactics through the levels you reach in the game. The ultimate NFT value can be measured and based on your skills!

Dragon Pool will have a mobile version ?

Surely one day it will have a mobile version. Currently Dragon Pool is designed for the desktop rather than a native app…so who cares?

Can I earn crypto by playing?

Yes, but not directly. We don't pay you in crypto for playing… eventhough that's great! You play and your in-game achievements are recorded as NFTs. The better you play, the more valuable your NFT will be.

Is there an age restriction?

There is nothing in the content that will cause problems for children. However, the game requires the ability to trade in cryptocurrencies and so under adult supervision/account there should be no problem.

What am I risking?

Dragon Pool is a kind of 'kill or destroy' game. When you start playing, you get an NFT and start accumulating value… .but… if you are destroyed in the game, you only lose 1 amount of tokens earned, your NFT will not be destroyed

What is DP-NFT?

DP-NFT is a cryptocurrency token. It is fungible and acts like a currency. It is based on the Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 universal protocol, a developer-friendly token standard that allows anyone to trade and exchange on Binance Smart Chain. You use it to join the game room and get rewards.

How long will DP-NFT tokens burn?

Will burn up to 95%

Total supply of DP-NFT token ?

100 billion tokens

Can I join the group/help?

Yeah sure

When will Dragon Pool be released?

Coming out this 2021, follow us for more information

What do I need to prepare to play?

You have a BSC wallet and have at least 100,000 tokens in the wallet.
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