Dragon Pool

Why Dragon Pool?

Let me tell you sth.
Let's go!
Infrastructure based on Binance Smart Chain platform with huge trading volume, fast asset movement between networks and competitive transaction costs
Using blockchain technology to help prevent censorship and interference from publishers
Gameplay is simple, attractive, attractive, lively but requires high tactics
With only $6, you own the NFT dragon embryo of the Dragon Pool game, along with your training, the dragon embryo gradually evolves to higher levels, which means that the NFT value is also more scarce, from there bring big profit for you
Diverse mission system, many attractive rewards, high value
With airdrop and presale programs, players will be able to own DP-NFT Token very soon
DP-NFT tokens used in the game will be listed on Dex Pancake Swap, Cointiger. You can buy and sell easily through top international exchanges.
Dragon Pool is the first ecosystem of DP-NFT token, the game is not only an entertaining game but also requires you to have strategic thinking, step by step evolution, conquer and unify 5 tribes dragons, becoming invincible and bringing great financial value.
Is it enough ?
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